– Tränare borde bli bättre på att ge eleven ”varför” och ”hur” istället för att säga ”starkare” och ”mer”, fortsätter Karl. En tränare ska kunna förklara och visa hur hand och skänkel ska användas. Om det vore så skulle man slippa se avtrubbade hästar och svettiga ryttare – ridning ska ju vara en konst, inte en kamp!

Philippe Karls alternativa utbildningsskala (2009),


JBK Festival- Torture, Like In The Dark Ages- Anything Goes In The Equestrian Sport?

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

It’s been two days now, since I sent my pictures from the JBK Festival to DRF (Danish Equestrian Federation) and FEI. I have had no answer so far. Maybe they are busy. Maybe they are hoping that if they ignore me, I will go away. Maybe they don’t know what to answer me. Maybe I go straight to their spam file these days…

I do know that I have emailed with DRF before, about the vaccination rules amongst other things, and they have never before failed to give me a snotty reply within 24 hours. Mostly something along the lines of “Shut up and follow the rules, or don’t leave home with your horse…” So no, I never gave much for their diplomacy skills, but then again, I am sure they say the same about me. The point is though, I have never experienced that it has taken them this…

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