JBK Festival- Torture, Like In The Dark Ages- Anything Goes In The Equestrian Sport?

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

It’s been two days now, since I sent my pictures from the JBK Festival to DRF (Danish Equestrian Federation) and FEI. I have had no answer so far. Maybe they are busy. Maybe they are hoping that if they ignore me, I will go away. Maybe they don’t know what to answer me. Maybe I go straight to their spam file these days…

I do know that I have emailed with DRF before, about the vaccination rules amongst other things, and they have never before failed to give me a snotty reply within 24 hours. Mostly something along the lines of “Shut up and follow the rules, or don’t leave home with your horse…” So no, I never gave much for their diplomacy skills, but then again, I am sure they say the same about me. The point is though, I have never experienced that it has taken them this…

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